Main sectors of the Republic of Tatarstan economy

Oil and gas chemical complex
Oil and gas chemical complex (here in after — OGCC ) is a basic sector of the Republic of Tatarstan industry having critical importance for the operation of practically all segments of economy not only of the republic, but of many other regions in Russia.

Exploration and production industries, oil refining, chemical and petrochemical enterprises have a significant industrial and export potential; they are innovation active and investment attractive objects.

Oil and Gas Complex of the Republic of Tatarstan includes the following types of economic activities: ?extraction of fuel and energy resources?, ?petrochemical?, ?chemical production ?, ? rubber and plastic products manufacturing?.

The leading sectors of OGCC RT during all previous years have been the production of fossil minerals and basic chemistry; petrochemical products manufacturing is rapidly developing in the recent years.

At present enterprises of the complex are combined in a unified technological chain, which begins with the stage of exploration and production of crude oil and finishes with final processing stage of goods production from the hydrocarbon raw materials, including for industrial and domestic purposes.

The leading enterprises of petrochemical complex in the Republic of Tatarstan are ?Tatneft? OJSC with small oil companies, ?TAIF -NK? JSC (production of gasoline and diesel fuel), ?Nizhnekamskneftekhim? JSC (production of rubber), ?Kazanorgsintez? JSC (production of polyethylene), ?Nafis Cosmetics? JSC (synthetic and liquid detergents production), enterprises of tires manufacturing complex under ?Tatneft? JSC and a number of others.

Enterprises of the Republic of Tatarstan belonging to the petrochemical complex are producing a wide range of products, which are also included into the list of consumer goods.
The range of enterprises’ activity is wide enough, it includes oil and associated gas production, petrochemicals production, basic chemicals, chemical fibers and threads, synthetic resins and plastics, plastic products, fiberglass materials, fiberglass and their products manufacturing, as well as paint and varnish products, photographic materials, synthetic rubber products, products of basic organic synthesis, technical carbon, tires and rubber, organic surfactants, soaps and detergents, cosmetics and perfumes, pharmaceutical products.
Among the most common types of products is crude oil, gasoline, heating oil, diesel fuel, fertilizers, plastics in primary forms (including polyethylene, polypropylene) , benzene , phenol , styrene , ethylene, synthetic rubbers, tires and rubber products, technical carbon, plastic products (windows and their polymer frames, doors and their polymer frames, other plastic products), paint and varnish products, detergents, pharmaceutical products.

Main volumes of commodity chemical products are created in the following industrial enterprises: ?Nizhnekamskneftekhim? JSC, ?Kazanorgsintez? JSC, ?Nafis Cosmetics? JSC, ?Kazan plant SK (synthetic rubber) ? JSC, ? Chemical Plant named after Karpov? JSC.

Chemical industry in the republic disposes of a rich supply in mineral and organic materials. The raw material for the production of inorganic chemicals serve minerals containing phosphorus, potassium, sodium , sulfur , boron, barytes, bromine, iodine, as well as natural materials such as salt, limestone, sodium sulfate, magnesium salts, etc.

Defense-industrial complex
There are 13 large and medium-size enterprises and about 20 research institutes and construction bureaus in the Republic of Tatarstan, which are included into the defense-industrial complex of Russia operating in the sphere of ammunition production, special chemicals, aircrafts engineering, shipbuilding, control systems and conventional weapons manufacturing.

?Kazan Helicopter Plant? JSC is among the enterprises of the defense-industrial complex of the Republic of Tatarstan, it is a world leader in the production of modern military and civilian helicopters; ?KAPO (Kazan Aircraft Production Association) named after Gorbunov? is a modern enterprise with high intellectual and technical potential, which is one of the leading aircraft construction complexes in the Russian Federation; ?KMPO (Kazan Motor Producing Association )? JSC is one of the largest companies producing gas turbine engines for the aircraft industry and civil purposes; ?Zelenodolsk Plant named after A.M. Gorky? is a modern enterprise producing surface ships and vessels for military and civilian purposes; ?Production Association Plant named after Sergo? is the largest manufacturer of ammunition and domestic refrigeration technology.

Machine-building complex
Machine-building complex of the Republic of Tatarstan combines 4 codifiers of economic activity determining its profile affiliation: production of transport means and equipment, machinery and equipment manufacture, metallurgical production and finished metal products, manufacture of electrical, electronic and optical equipment, and includes about 150 large and medium-size enterprises and organizations belonging to different sub-profiles.

The leaders among them include the following production profiles: automobile production, aircraft construction, shipbuilding, engine building, compressor building, production of power engineering and gas equipment, tool making facility, including the production of medical products and devices and a number of other enterprises and organizations.

Major companies of civil machine-engineering: ?KAMAZ? JSC (trucks and chassis), ? Ford Sollers Elabuga? LLC (passenger cars and commercial vehicles), ?Tatelektromash? JSC (electric motors, generators, electromagnets), ?Almetyevsk Pipe Plant? JSC (pipe products), ?ElAZ? JSC (special purpose vehicles), ?Kazankompressormash? JSC (screw, centrifugal compressors, gas-compressor units), ?ALNAS? JSC ( submersible pumps for oil production, installations of electric submersible pumps).

Electric power engineering
Electric power engineering of the Republic of Tatarstan is a basic sector of economy in the republic. Welfare of population, competitiveness, and profitability of industrial enterprises directly depend on the operation of the power engineering profile, and hence the general level of social-economic development of the region.

All power engineering facilities under construction are mainly equipped with energy facilities manufactured by the republican electrical power machine building company ?INVENT?.
Group of Companies ?INVENT? is an integral part of the power engineering cluster of the Republic of Tatarstan in technical support, which combines three main directions: production, sales of technical products and their servicing, which enables a comprehensive supply of companies of power engineering and other industries in the Republic of Tatarstan and the Russian Federation with necessary types of products and services.

Agro-industrial complex
The agrarian sector is a major sphere of the national economy and plays an important role in the economy of the Republic of Tatarstan. Development of agricultural and industrial complex has always been and still remains one of economic policy priorities of the Tatarstan leadership, the industry is rendered a considerable public support. Steady increase in the production of crops and livestock has been witnessed since 2000. The Republic is in the top three among Russian regions in terms of gross agricultural output and meets the needs of the population for basic foodstuffs. The cheapest minimum set of foodstuffs not only in the Volga Federal District but also in the country as a whole is in the republic of Tatarstan.
The total land area of the republic comprises 6.8 million hectares, including farmland — 4.5 million hectares, of which 3.5 million hectares of arable land. The population living in rural areas amounts to 943.5 thousand people.

Developed and stable agriculture is the basis for effective and proper animal husbandry.

Tatarstan had a considerable potential in livestock. With a high level of livestock and poultry density the republic is stepping up its contribution into the country food security. In the farms of all categories , there are 1,122 thousand heads of cattle, including 424 thousand heads of cows, 701 thousand heads of pigs, 393 thousand heads of sheep and goats, 13.1 million heads of poultry.

Effective use of available arable land, livestock and poultry, cost optimization through the introduction of innovative and resource-saving technologies, improvement of business activity of the rural population, support of small business activity in the village became the most important factors determining the vector of agriculture development. Due to a systematic upgrade and renewal of the industry it became possible to stabilize and increase the volume of production, gain further development as the most successful agricultural region of the country.

Modern agricultural production with its mixed form of ownership imposes high requirements on the professional level managers and professionals. Education Cluster of agricultural and industrial complex AIC is mutually beneficial cooperation of agrarian educational institutions and employers, large investors and agricultural firms, in order to improve the quality of training for work in agricultural production.

Timber Processing Complex
In 2012 the volume of production in the Timber processing complex comprised 14 billion 667 million rubles, including in wood processing and manufacturing of wood products 2.75 billion (Index of Industrial Production (IIP) — 102.1 %).

The following companies in the wood processing industry manifested growth of production output in 2012:

1) “Povolzhskiy Plywood Furniture Factory” LLC — 107.9 %;
2) Close Corporation “People’s Enterprise Nabereznye Chelny Paper Mill named after S.P.Titov”, CJSC. IPI — 104.1 %;
3) “Zelenodolsk Plywood Factory”, JSC (due to unscheduled repairs of major equipment and lack of staff made a reduction in output by 6%, its IPI made 94 %.

Medicine and Pharmacy
Medical Industry in the Republic of Tatarstan is represented by such large companies as ?Kazan Medical Instruments Plant? JSC, ?Microsurgical Instruments? JSC, ?Micron-Holding? JSC, ?Kazan factory of medical equipment? JSC, ? Tatchempharmpreparaty ? JSC.

State of Health Care in Tatarstan has been recognized as the best in Russia. Tatarstan has got the best indexes in the implementation of the program ?Modernization of Health Care for the years 2011-2012″.

Progress in the field of health care in Tatarstan has produced its impact on the growth of the birth rate. The number of babies newly born for the period of 9 months in the republic has exceeded the average characteristic for Russia and the Volga Federal District. The birth rate in Tatarstan comprises 14.7 per 1,000 people. Figures in Russia and the Volga Federal District are much lower and make 13.1.

Implementation of the strategy, which is based on the concentration of resources, the creation of three high-technological zones, optimizing inefficient spending, high-quality implementation of federal programs, creation of educational cluster, has provided the effectiveness of our work and further positive momentum of the most important indicators of life quality in the Republic. The quality and safety of medical practice have always remained the most important and debated topics.

Combining most of the state-owned pharmacies in one unified structure and centralization of funds allocated by the budget for provision of medicines to the preferential categories of citizens, allowed to optimize overhead costs on a scale of a single system, to fulfill purchase of pharmaceutical products in large volumes achieving lower purchase prices, to establish a system for monitoring the quality of sold products, to ensure the profitability of the reorganized network, and strengthen control over the spending of budget funds.

Light industry
Textile manufacturing takes a leading position in the structure of commodity products of light industry, its share accounting for 41.0 % of the total value of products manufacture in the industry. The share of garment production comprises 32 %, the production of leather, leather products and footwear — 27 %.

The share of the Light industry in the total industrial output of the Republic of Tatarstan makes 0.4 %.

About 60 % of the dispatched goods volume is accounted for 6 large enterprises of light industry: ?Almetyevsk hosiery factory Alsou?(hosiery products) JSC, ?Polymatiz?(non-woven fabric) CJSC, ?Elastic? Plant (non-woven fabric), Shoe Factory “Spartak” JSC (leather footwear), ?Kukmorsky Felting Mill? JSC and ? Safyan ? OJSC (leather goods).


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